Mold* Removal and Mould Remediation

ACTES can provide solutions to any issues caused by mold and other allergens. Our involvement in the development of industry standards ensures that ACTES supplies the best solutions to issues associated with exposure to mold and other bio-aerosols.  Modern and technical resources allow our personnel to successfully remediate mold from structures and air handling systems. 

Our mold removal and remediation services include:
  • Remediation of mold and other fungus
  • Application of mold inhibitors
  • Building renovations to limit the re-occurrences of mold growth
  • Toxic drywall removal
  • Cleaning and decontamination of air handling systems
  • 24 emergency response
  • Technological and resource support in the management of Bio-aerosols
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*Sorry most of our Canadian customers spell it that way.


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