PCB Regulations

Effective September 17, 2008, Environment Canada released new regulations on the use, sale, service, storage and disposal of PCB contaminated equipment and liquids. This will affect many businesses in Canada. Owners and service companies are strongly encouraged to make themselves aware of how the changes may affect them.

Highlights of the regulations are:

  • All equipment containing over 500 ppm PCB must be removed from service and sent for destruction before Dec.31, 2009 (with possible extension to 2014)
  • All equipment containing between 50 and 500 ppm must be removed from service and sent for destruction before Dec. 31, 2025. Special cases may have Dec. 31, 2009 deadline.
  • Any liquid greater than 2 ppm PCB cannot be re-used and must be disposed of as hazardous waste
  • Any release into the environment of liquid over 2 ppm PCB is reportable to Federal authorities.

As an owner or service provider, you must know the exact PCB status of your equipment, in order to avoid possibly huge Environmental liability costs. 

Please Contact Actes Environmental should you have any questions regarding new PCB Regulations and PCB management concerns. 


PCB Regulations: An Overview

Objectives of the PCB Regulations
Do the Regulations Apply to You
Options for PCB Disposal (121KB PDF)
Use and Storage of PCBs in Prescribed Locations
PCB Online Reporting System Guidelines
Health Canada: Healthy Living information on PCBs, health effects and general information


In case of discrepancy between these fact sheets and the Regulations, the Regulations will prevail.



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